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Welcome to my website!

I have created this web presence to tell you about my work.

As a Professor in the Management & Marketing department at Pennsylvania Western University (formerly Clarion University of Pennsylvania) I teach courses on Leadership, Management, Human Resources, International Business, and Nonprofit Organizations. I have also worked at Penn State (USA), U. Marii Curie-Sklodowskiej (Poland), Technische Hochschuhle Deggendorf (Germany), Tecnológico de Monterrey (Mexico), UNICEN (Argentina), and offered short courses, seminars, and talks in at least twenty other countries in all inhabited continents.  

I serve as Advisor to the SHRM Clarion student chapter, in addition to other departmental, college, and university-level committees (most can be found in my CV, which also details my publication record).

I write for different audiences and serve as Editor (along with T. Bondarouk, from U. of Twente in the Netherlands) of the Advanced Series in Management, in addition to Successful Professional Women of the Americas.

After several years as a contributor and founding member of the Editorial Board of NSHMBA's new scholarly publication: Business Journal of Hispanic Research, I served as its Editor-in-Chief during 2010-11. I also wrote a column-blog combination for its monthly newsletter the bottom line; the column was titled "Let's talk about..."

I research topics dealing with Management, Information Technologies, Human Resources, Gender, Hispanic organizations, Business Ethics, Christian/Catholic Social Thought, Nonprofit Organizations, and Latin America, with an emphasis on Mexico.

I served as Division Chair for the MED (Management Education & Development) Division of the Academy of Management (which I had previously served as Program Chair, PDW Chair, Liaison to Practice, Liaison to Mexico, etc.). Here is a blog of my activities as LP, and a Web-based summary of the Professional Development Workshop (PDW) I organized to serve the membership that elected me.

Along with Xhonané Olivas, my beloved wife and business partner, I occasionally offer Consulting services.