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Does Academic work in Business matter?  Has your research made an impact?  What about our teaching?  Are you confident that your classes are providing your students with relevant, evidence-based tools for their professional careers?  What do businesses expect of us to consider our work more relevant?


On August 10, 2008, a Professional Development Workshop (PDW) organized by MED's Practice Liaison, took place during the Annual meeting of the Academy of Management, in Anaheim, CA.  This web-based summary is posted for two main reasons:

  1. For interested members of the Academy of Management who were unable to attend the event (thanks are due to Katherine Lawrence and to Maria-Teresa Lepeley for their requests and suggestions to post these materials)
  2. To leave a record for future Liaison to Practice officers of the Management Education & Development division (MED) of the Academy.  As MED members might know, there was no recent precedent as to what Practice Liaison officers could do to fulfill their responsibilities as elected officers.

Useful Additional/Related Materials:

PDW proposal (Nov 2007, pdf file, 154 Kb)

Discussion generated in the OB listserver of the AoM (scroll down to discussion #20; thanks to all who participated in this constructive debate that preceded the PDW!)

Evidence-Based Management Collaborative, convened by Denise Rousseau (external link)

EBMgmt, a Business Necessity for Minorities(550 Kb), published in Vol.2, Issue 2 of the Business Journal of Hispanic Research.

Special thanks are also due to Sara Rynes for her comments and suggestions; to Rob Briner, who has been writing on this topic and shared this (309 Kb) and this (331 Kb) relevant papers; to Bob Greene who not only participated in the PDW but also contributed this handout (27 Kb), and to Herman Aguinis, who shared the following, highly relevant forthcoming paper for this discussion:  Aguinis, H., & Cascio, W. F. (in press). Narrowing the science-practice divide: A call to action. The Industrial-Organizational Psychologist.

The following MP3 files were recorded during the Professional Development Workshop (PDW) titled "Questioning for Relevance: A Dialogue between Research and Practice"."

The presentations were made in the following order.  Feel free to download the file into your hard drive and use an MP3 player (iTunes, Windows Media Player, etc.) to listen to the presentations.  The slides are posted in PPT (PowerPoint) format, and the handouts, articles and proposal in PDF or Word format:  

Olivas: Session Welcome (3.6 Mb) Slides used (111 Kb)

Panelists: Introductions (0.8 Mb)

Workshop Description (1.2 Mb)

Olivas: Setting the Stage (2.3 Mb)

Denyer: Evidence-Based Management (7 Mb)  Slides used (3.8 Mb)

Hassler: NSHMBA's BJHR (5.6 Mb)

Cohen: Bridging the Research & Practice Worlds (7.6 Mb) Slide (80 Kb)

Beatty: Research in Education (a) (4.2 Mb) Handout (26 Kb)

Beatty: Research in Education (b) (6.2 Mb)

Smith: the Business Owner Perspective (5.9 Mb)

McLaughlin: Debriefing Discussion Tables (4.7 Mb) 

McLaughlin: Research Translations (7.1 Mb) Slides (137 Kb)

Olivas: Holographic Writing (4.5 Mb) Slides (502 Kb)

All: Final Discussion (9.1 Mb)

Thanks for visiting!!!  Evidently there's much work to be done, but I am glad we are no longer just complaining about it!!!